3rd Industry Day in Riga

CaaS 2nd Industry Day took place at Riga Technical University (RTU) on May 13, 2016. The aim of the Industry Day was to present the CaaS project to the industry in order to prepare for successful exploitation and industrial adoption of the CaaS results. The event was attended by 12 participants representing 5 industrial companies.

Agenda included:

  • Introduction to the CaaS approach and principles;
  • Demo demonstration of the could-based solution scaling where image is generated based on picture and key word given by the user. Capability of this example case is to be able to scale numerically large scale task solving.
  • Discussion about structurally defined use cases by industrial representatives where CaaS approach can be applied.

Each presentation was complemented with lively discussions mostly focusing on technical issues towars CDA, CNA and CCP. Industrial representatives recognized the potential of applying CaaS to solve their business efficiency issues, they were also interested to see more practical example demostrations. In second part of Industrial day each industrial company’s representatives determined example cases were CaaS approach can be applied, defining their Capability, Key performance indicators, Context and possible Adjustments.