The 3rd International Workshop on Advances in Services Design Based on the Notion of Capability – ASDENCA 2016 took place on June 13, 2016 in Ljubljana in conjunction with the 28th CAiSE. Proceedings published by Springer LNBIP 249.

The following papers were presented:

  • Janis Grabis, Kurt Sandkuhl: Selection and Evolutionary Development of Software-Service Bundles: A Capability Based Method
  • Hasan Koç, Marcela Ruiz, Sergio España: LightCDD: A Lightweight Capability-Driven Development Method for Start-Ups.
  • Claas Fastnacht, Hasan Koç, Dimitrijs Nesterenko, Kurt Sandkuhl: Comparison of Tool Support for Goal Modelling in Capability Management
  • Martin Henkel, Christina Stratigaki, Janis Stirna, Pericles Loucopoulos, Yannis Zorgios, Antonis Migiakis: Extending Capabilities with Context Awareness.
  • Janis Grabis, Janis Kampars: Design of Capability Delivery Adjustments.