The International Workshop on Advances in Services DEsign based on the Notion of CApabiliy (ASDENCA 2014) was a one-day workshop organized on the 17th of June 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece, in conjunction with CAiSE 2014, the 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering.

ASDENCA 2014 focused on the notion of capability, which is gaining much presence within the field of Information Systems Engineering. Historically, it has been examined in Economics, Sociology, and Management Science. More recently, it has been considered in the context of business-IT alignment, in the specification and design of services using business planning as the baseline, in Enterprise Architecture, and in Service Oriented Architecture.

Contributions to ASDENCA 2014 included original research exploring the challenges and solutions related to the meaning and usage of capability in Information Systems Engineering, as well as industrial case studies illustrating the use of this notion.

List of Papers

  • An Empirical Evaluation of Capability Modelling using Design Rationale
    George Bravos, Pericles Loucopoulos, Christina Stratigaki and Dimitris Valvis
  • An Outlook on Patterns as an Aid for Business and IT Alignment with Capabilities
    Janis Stirna, Kurt Sandkuhl
  • Capability-based Business Model Transformation
    Martin Henkel, Ilia Bider and Erik Perjons
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  • Capability-driven development of a SOA platform: a case study
    Sergio España, Tania González, Janis Grabis, Lauma Jokste, Raúl Juanes and Francisco Valverde
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  • On the Applicability of Concepts from Variability Modelling in Capability Modelling: Experiences from a Case in Business Process Outsourcing
    Kurt Sandkuhl and Hasan Koc
  • State of the Art in Context Modelling – A Systematic Literature Review
    Hasan Koc, Erik Hennig, Stefan Jastram and Christoph Starke

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