CDD Methodology

The CaaS project has elaborated Capability Driven Development (CDD) methodology for supporting capability lifecycle in companies. CDD consists of various components addressing different modelling aspects, such as enterprise modelling (modeling of goals, processes, etc.), context modelling, pattern modelling, and capability design. A number of method extensions for addressing specific business challenges have also been developed.

The CDD methodology requires that an organizations establishes certain roles for the capability driven way of working. It is also supported by the CDD Environment.

Conceptually, the model of a capability consists of the following parts defined in the CDD meta-model:

  • strategic objectives or business goals related to the capability or motivating the creation of the capability. These objectives should be specified in a precise, measurable and accepted way, for example by using Enterprise Modelling techniques and by elaborating a goal model.
  • the business service(s) offered to customers within the capability. In CaaS, the business service(s) have to be specified using a model-based approach. For the base methodology, we limit the support to process-oriented approaches and we assume that exactly one business services is defined for each capability.
  • the specification of the potential application context where the business service is supposed to be deployed. The specification of the capability’s potential deployment contexts is captured in a context model.
  • an IT-based solution for delivering the capability in the defined context, i.e. executing the business service. For the initial methodology, we assume that all variations of the solution for different context instances are defined, e.g. as delivery pattern.
  • patterns specifying reusable elements for reaching business goals under specific situational contexts. The CaaS methodology is providing a method component for identification, elicitation and representation of patterns.

CDD methodology has two versions LightCDD targeting startups and SMEs and full version of CDD targeting large organisations. The initial version of the full methodology is available in D5.3 The final version of Capability driven development methodology.