Method extensions

In addition to the method components addressing the main activities of the CDD lifecycle, a number of method extensions addressing specific business challenges to which the CDD methodology can be applied, have been developed. There are based on the work of the CaaS project use cases.

  • Capability Ready Business Services method extension covers the transition step from textual instructions and activity descriptions to business process models ready capability modeling. With this extension many more business services in Business Process Outsourcing can be subject to capability-based redesign
  • Prepare Local and Global Optimization method extension contributes to the optimization of service delivery by providing a way to balance between local optimization of services provided to a client and global optimization from a Business Service Provided perspective.
  • Evolutionary Development of Business Information Exchange Capability method extension helps organizations to develop capabilities in the case when pre-existing capability delivery solution must be tailored to the needs of a new client.
  • Integration of CDD and Model Deriven Development (MDD) method extension is analyzing the potential in integrating MDD and CDD concepts. MDD is sharing a common ground with the CDD approach since they are both making use of models to perform analysis and design.
  • Analysis of Capability Relationships method extension is proposing an analysis of capability relationships and mapping of capabilities to delivered services. Through the business case analysis of the CaaS project, it was noticed that during the process of identifying business capabilities it was useful to describe them in relation to other capabilities.
  • Predictive analysis the method component describes capability delivery adjustment using predicted context values to attain proactive behavior.
  • Capacity evaluation the method component evaluates capability delivery capacity requirements to determine capability’s suitability to context ranges.