Organizational roles involved

The CDD methodology involves several stakeholder types. The following are the key roles that participate the CDD lifecycle. Of course, in a smaller organization some of them can be fullfilled by the same persons.

  • Capability analyst: analyses information about capabilities and their expected operating context. From this analysis, they predict the evolution of the context and take advantage of these predictions by providing new services or improving existing services.
  • Method engineer: person who has knowledge about the CDD methodology and can tailor it for requirements specific to an organization.
  • CDD provider: Provides and maintains the CDD methodology and the tools to support it. This can also be provided by an exrnal partner or consultant.

Additionally, there are stakeholders involved in the business and directly associated with capabilities under study:

  • Business service manager: Responsible for management strategies, for changes in business and to identify opportunities for capitalizing on these changes.
  • Business analyst: a person who analyses the business models and proposes changes to these models.
  • Solution engineer: configures and carries out business solution implementations, such as the implementation and configuration of an IT system support.
  • Business service operator: aims to follow best practices for achieving the delivery of services to the customers.
  • Solution architect: works closely with solution engineers to ensure proper implementations. Solution architect is the link between the needs of the business and the solution engineer.

Other stakeholders involved are:

  • Capability provider: responsible of providing capabilities to the customer.
  • Customer (client): The end user who benefits from the services provided by capabilities.
  • Capability worker: responsible of assuring the proper delivery of a capability in technical terms.
  • Capability feedback provider: analyses the feedback received from customers, capability workers and from other stakeholders in order to improve the capability delivery.