Learning CDD

The CDD methodology includes not only the user guide, but also additional support material such as lecture slides for instructors, examples, tutorials, quizzes, and self-study materials to help developing knowledge in this area and  use of the CDD methodology and the CDD environment in practice. As the first step consider viewing slides of the following tutorial on Capability Driven Development in PDF. The additional study material can be made available to organizations interested in working with capability development.

In principle, no prior knowledge is necessary to learn CDD, but general knowledge of modeling, requirements, and information system design is advisable. The following knowledge areas should be considered for learning in order to be able to work with CDD:

  • Enterprise Modeling. CDD includes Enterprise Modeling and while there is a multitude of resources availeble, our reccomendation would be to start with this book on the 4EM method (Sandkuhl et al., 2014). Book’s website also points to lecture slides.
  • Capability Design. We have developed a set of materials for both classrooms and self-studies. As an example, see this quizz on the basics of capability design. A short version of a tutorial on capability design (presented at CAiSE 2016) is available here.
  • Context Modeling. Since this is a key aspect of CDD a substantial attention should be devoted to learning it, see example quizz on Context Modeling.
  • Reuse and patterns.
  • Adjustment Algorithms.
  • Setting up and using the CDD Environment.