CaaS industrial day in Riga

CaaS project Industry Day took place at Riga Technical University on May 22, 2015. The aim of the Industry Day was to introduce the CaaS project to the industry in order to prepare for successful exploitation and industrial adoption of the CaaS results.

The event was attendant by 17 participants representing 10 consulting and software development companies. The agenda included presentation of the CaaS project, demonstration of CaaS technologies and the CDD environment as well detailed presentation of the service promotion use case.

The presentations very accompanied with lively discussions focusing on development of context aware information systems and context processing. The industry representatives identified several potential application areas in financial sector as well for maintenance of complex enterprise applications. The participants recognized a value of the CaaS approach in providing proactive software development and maintenance services to their customer. The feedback provided by the companies will serve as valuable input for further development of the CaaS approach.



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