CaaS research presented at BIR’14

BIR14-Presentation MartinHenkel

CaaS members Lauma Jokste (Riga Technical University) and Martin Henkel (Stockholm University) presented two papers at the Business Informatics Research conference (BIR):

  • Capability Modeling: Initial Experiences by George Bravos, Tania González, Jānis Grabis, Martin Henkel, Lauma Jokste, Hasan Koc and Janis Stirna (presented by Lauma)
  • Supporting Evolving Organizations: IS Development Methodology Goals, by George Bravos, Jānis Grabis, Martin Henkel, Lauma Jokste and Jānis Kampars (presented by Martin)

BIR was held in Lund, Sweden, 22-24 September.


Martin Henkel work as assistant professor at the department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University.

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